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We recognize that bottled water is not the only solution to supplying water to the world. Many products in the food, beverages, cosmetics and nutraceuticals categories require quality water for optimal results.  At Iceland Glacier Wonders, we strongly believe that a quality product starts with quality water.

Through modern technology and advanced bulk transportation systems Iceland Glacier Wonders provides direct delivery of pure Iceland glacier water worldwide.  Our bulk water deliveries use EU and FDA approved shipping systems transit ready for worldwide distribution in units containing 24,000 liters of water each.

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Just imagine — your hiking outdoors in all the splendor of nature and you come upon a water fall and a fresh water pool. You go into the water fall and then go for a swim into its pool. You can now have this same enjoyment and exhilarating shower, a relaxing bath, by converting your entire bathroom into a natural healing spa ! If you wish take a swim or just enjoy a refreshing ice-cold drink of the purest Glacier water in the world right from your own kitchen faucet or an exhilarating refreshing shower from your bathroom.

 Your skin is the largest organ in your body, when you shower for just 20 minutes the skin will absorb about 500ml of the water it comes into contact with it is just the same as drinking that water. Never again expose it to contaminated water with known and unknown harmful chemicals that pose both long term and immediate health risks to you, your body, skin, infants and pets.

In the pages that follow there are many research articles that will help you understand: That for you and your loved ones to lead a much healthier and happier life, you should attempt to replace the 70% of the water that makes up you body as you know it, with water that is “Structured” and comes from a natural source that is unaltered in any way, in order to preserve the life forces that exist within the water. Natural Glacier water is at the most favorable end of the spectrum of healthy waters, due to its above ground source untouched nature and ancient formation, in a Country that is located far to the north untouched by industrial pollutants at its time.

Now you can have pure luxury, pristine glacier water delivered in bulk directly to home estate, condo, hotel, villa, yacht or any location you choose. If you feel this is a healthy lifestyle you and your loved ones deserve to enjoy, we at Iceland Glacier Wonders encourage you to get added to our growing confidential list of those now being considered for this unique world-wide service.

Prices are affordable however will vary depending on location and distances transported.