The Myth of Pure Water

With so many regions of the world depleting their natural water  resources by over pumping their underground water aquifers and increasingly polluting their rivers, more and more waste water is needing to be purified to be able to try and conserve it and to get it to a potable state. This coupled with an ever increasing population, the demand for drinking water is ever increasing.

With the water companies increasing reach for more water resources s some are resorting to using municipal drinking water which is already highly treated and treating it again to be able to claim a value added; by stating that their water has minerals added back to enhance its taste. While this infact may be true, it doesn’t negate the fact that should a consumer pay the same for a water that has been highly treated and has possibly in its treatment been left with trace concentrations of feminine hormones, medicinal drugs and many other medicinal and industrial ingredients all  excreted,  and absorbed by the universal solvent properties of water vs a pure clean natural glacier water that needs absolutely no treatment and has not been exposed to any of the aforementioned pollutants found in recycled water. If one were to think about what choices they are being offered, then would not a prudent person select a pure water that needed no treatment and by virtue of this is likely much healthier for your body, while paying the same price or even a bit higher price for the quality that the water presents itself. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with recycling water and purifying it, but the price a person pays or the choice he/she makes to even select this product over a 100% natural pure water  that has never been recycled should be on an informed choice basis, and what they feel is the best price/value tradeoff for their own health benefits; not unlike the difference between a consumer choosing between organic and non-organic foods, or GMO foods(genetically modified foods) and natural foods.

Clean healthy water does not have to be pure from the point of view that everything has had to be stripped out of it, a process that the company was forced into doing , because the water was so contaminated that it was not fit for consumption in the first place. Like everything else in the world, there is a range of quality and with the higher quality comes a higher price tag as that product is offering a more valuable service, whether it be in heath or rareness or utility. You the consumer make the ultimate choice, in the interest of your own health and well being make it an informed choice, based on your own research and analysis.