Cellular Level

Let’s start the journey at the cellular level of our body, each cell being a small factory of production of what our bodies need to live a healthy life and each cell needing water to be able to flow into the cell (a transport media) to cleanse the cell and help remove byproducts of waste from the cellular function. For you to see Why is this so important :

Dr. Murad’s Cellular Water Principle:
When you are young, your cells are a reservoir of water and nutrients that maintain skin health and firmness, providing a youthful radiance.

As you age, internal and external factors damage the cells and weaken their ability to retain water. As we age, our cells lose water, at birth we are about 75% water by middle age our body’s water content is around 50%. As our cells lose water, signs of aging occur: your skin begins to become dryer; fine lines and wrinkles appear; sleep patterns change; flexibility is reduced; digestion slows and energy waivers. You can feel healthier and look more youthful by incorporating these three pillars of the Cellular Water Principle into your life:

  1. Internal Skincare: Specific dietary recommendations and supplements to improve cellular water levels and keep the body hydrated. Eg Drink SNO™ and take the following supplements on a daily basis will optimize your cellular water content and help build connective tissue.
    • Lecithin: is a phospholipid that repairs tissues by filling in and rebuilding cell walls.
    • Amino Acids: aid in the healthy formation of collagen and elastin.
    • Antioxidants: including pomegranate extract, goji berry extract, vitamin C and E, and coenzyme Q10, protect against free radical damage.
    • Essential Fatty Acids: such as flaxseed oil and fish oil lock moisture in cells.
    • Anti-inflammatory Ingredients: such as zinc, aloe vera and curcumin soothe skin irritation.
    • Take time for a healthy Breakfast every day: Whole oats grains, eggs and fresh fruit boost your metabolism. Eat an abundance of colorful fruit and vegetables. These contain structured water , the best form of water for your cells. Drink SNO™ a structured water without any impurities formed some 20,000 years ago when the world was still unspoiled and unpolluted. SNO™ has never passed thru a human, where most waters have passed through at least 4 humans and what if all they humans were sick? Had HIV or worse. Think about what you are putting into your body, especially when it is water that is so vital for your well being and health.
    • Glucosamine: increases water content and strengthens skin.
  2. Topical Skincare: Includes hydrators, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories applied externally for healthier skin. Drink SNO™.
  3. Emotional Selfcare:Includes hydrators, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories applied externally for healthier skin. Drink SNO™.
  4. Emotional Selfcare: Managing stress and maintaining a healthy connection to yourself and your surroundings will improve health. Later you will see how by drinking SNO™ glacier water a “structured water” will help you attain this. [Hint read Masaru Emoto “The Hidden Messages in Water “ (New York Times bestseller)]

The vortex shape is found everywhere in nature from seashells and plants to goats’ horns and is always the natural path of least resistance that free-flowing water takes in order to keep itself healthy and energetic. It is also by the same motion that energy flows into the chakras and pranic tube of the human body. The best examples are tornados and bath water. This is the motion that subtle energy likes to flow. Water acts like a liquid tape-recorder; it stores frequency as magnetic imprinting within it microstructure from each and every substance and element with which it comes into contact. During the water’s journey through the earth , the inharmonious negative imprinting is wiped as the water is naturally imploded under pressure and heat. It is like wiping the tape clean then re-recording over with harmonious natural earth frequencies for life. Nature provides high-energy water at 4C healing wells, but not everyone has access to a well like this . Now you do with SNO glacier water which is captured deep inside the volcanic lava rock at 4C, with nothing added or removed. Full of natural energy , living water, structured water, leaving untouched , the centripetal movement of subtle energy, the consciousness and memory in water and the awareness that water is a living energy that we need for total health. When water is full of light with bio-photons emissions then it is full of prana or life force; you can learn to measure this and drink the light in living water. The immune body depends on this subtle energy and this means drinking enough living water daily. SNO glacier water is all of this; it is structured, high in natural oxygen, living water; preserved alive for your optimum health, wellbeing and enjoyment.

SNO GLACIER WATER: A “Structured” water as found in natural water of rivers, springs, glaciers has its outer electron shell complete. This is one of the keys to healthy water- how many electrons the water has or doesn’t have. “Unstructured” water , simply put is missing one electron from its outer shell and Structured water has no missing electrons. At the University of Georgia they found that in every human body all diseased cells (no matter what the disease) were surrounded by what is called “unstructured” water. And they also found that every healthy cell was surrounded by “ Structured” water.

Water can be de-structured not only by the addition of harmful chemicals but also by its now almost universal transportation, through pressurized pipes, which forces the water to go straight instead of natural spirals. When water moves through pipes it forces the outer electrons to be removed, creating “unstructured” water. This means that all water that we drink or bathe in that comes from pressurized pipes is associated with disease. When we bathe in water we absorb through our skin 16 ounces in twenty minutes. It is the same as if we drank the water.

“Water, the lifeblood of Mother Earth, is much more than hydrogen and oxygen. It is a mysterious, crystalline living entity which nurtures all life on Earth. It is a powerful carrier, mediator and producer of energy. It has the ability to link, transform and carry physical elements and subtle energies. Flower and gem elixirs are a good example of the latter. Over 70% of our bodies and the planet is water. The necessity of healthy, structured water cannot by exaggerated.” (Kacha –Stones)

“To understand water is to understand the Cosmos, the marvels of nature and life itself.” (Masaru Emoto)

For people to live healthy and happy lives, the answer is to replenish the water that makes up 70% of our body, with a structured water like SNO™.