About Water

The adult body is made up of approximately 70% water. Water is the single most vital component of our daily diet, essential for growth and the health and well- being of our bodies.Throughout the day we can lose up to 3.0 liters per day, through perspiration, breathing and bodily functions. It is therefore essential that we replenish this loss and replace it or ; re-hydrate our bodies.

Water regulates our body temperature and helps carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells in our bodies. It helps cushion our vital organs, helps with our metabolic cycle by converting food into energy, helps with our digestion and absorb nutrients and helps us excrete our waste matter.

The average human brain is 90% water and even slight dehydration can result in headaches or dizziness.

Doctors and nutritionists suggest that the average adult should consume at least 8 glasses of good, high-energy water on a daily bases or 2 x 1 liters of SNO water, to maintain optimum function and health and that all pain signals within the body are a result of internal water shortage. He continues to describe how obesity, excess body weight, asthma, allergies, hiatus hernia, diabetes, dyspepsia, rheumatoid arthritis, backache, headaches, stress, depression, hypertension and high cholesterol can all be treated by increased water intake. Some can also be obtained from ones diet of fruit and vegetables.

Most of us are drinking tea, coffee and alcohol which are all diuretics that actively dehydrate the body. We are also drinking minerals and sodas instead of pure , unadulterated water which our body desperately needs for optimum function. When water is unadulterated it means it is untouched unchanged, nothing added or subtracted , 100% natural, this in turn means this H20 water molecule has, its outer electron shell intact, ie in equilibrium and without a charge. This is a structured water, a water that you will see can penetrate the body’s cells much more easily and therefore cleanse your cells and re-hydrate your body’s cells much more easily. It is this cleansing of your cells that give you a healthier, happier life. If you wish to know if you are currently dehydrated? Check your urine, and if it is light or pale yellow you are well hydrated, if not your body is in need of water.

In the end it is not about drinking more and more water but drinking a better quality’ structured water that will lead us to greater health, longevity and happiness.Natural water found in springs, rivers or lakes has its outer electrons complete. This is one of the keys to healthy water—how many electrons the water has or doesn’t have. Unstructured water simply put, is missing one electron from its outer orbit and “structured water has no missing electrons. At the University of Georgia they found that in every human body all diseased cells (no matter what the disease) were surrounded by by what is called “unstructured” water and they also found that every healthy cell was surrounded by “structured” water.

Water can be de-structured not only by the addition of harmful chemicals but also by its now almost universal transportation. When it moves through pressurized pipes it is forced to move in an artificial way instead of its natural spirals. When water moves through pipes it forces the outer electrons to be removed, creating “unstructured”water.

It is to this general level of understanding about water that many people have attained. In general they believe all water do the same thing whether it is tap water, drinking water( processed tap water) or mineral water or glacier water. It is our belief that if people will go on to obtain a deeper level of understanding about water that they will in this process begin to understand themselves a lot better and become healthier and happier in their lives. We believe and we hope to impart enough knowledge to you about water in these pages that follow to have you enjoy life to the fullest and to be able to decide why you should only drink a great unaltered structured water like SNO and thoroughly understand what it is about SNO that makes it so great!