About SNO

    1. Our plant and water source is Certified by NSF
    2. SNO™ is a natural 100% glacier water.
    3. It has a source so exceptionally pure that it is untouched by contaminants, has a very pure TDS of 52, a body neutral pH of 7.4 and zero Nitrates plus zero bacteria.
    4. Our water comes from the legendary Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland.
    5. It is an ethical water and its water source is so grand that we capture only a fraction of the total amount of water that is available from the source that would otherwise be wasted as run off into the ocean.
    6. 100% Recyclable: Our continued efforts to fight against global warming and to preserve the Arctic is reflected in our packaging which is 100% recyclable. Further, we have reduced our PET content in our preforms weight by 15% in 2013.
    7. Naturally Green: Iceland Glacier Wonders’ water plant is powered entirely on hydro-electric power and geo-thermal heat. This gives us a healthy start for our green credentials and much lower CO2 emission levels.
    8. We strive to be carbon neutral, which reflects our commitment to preserving the Arctic and making a difference in the war against climate change. We as well utilize empty cargo slots on existing scheduled routes for the shipment of our containers to destination markets.
    9. 100% natural with nothing added or taken away.
    10. Our water is a structured water; its outer electron shell is neutral it does not have a missing electron, it therefore can more readily penetrate the cell wall to cleans the cell of impurities and disease. Stagnant water like water that is stagnant in a cell can lead to disease.
    11. It is naturally filtered thru volcanic lava rock.
    12. Its unique natural mineral balance gives it a taste that people love.
    13. It is simply ”Ancient Purity Unchanged”.